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This is a continent of pioneers and adventurers, of entrepreneurs and artists. A melting pot of cultures, traditions and identities, the people of North America are as diverse as the opportunities we offer here. Throughout the last 100+ years in North America, we have discovered that anything is possible here and dreams really can become reality. With a lot of ingenuity, forward-thinking and a fearless quest to be the best, our North America team is energized by the possibilities that come with working for one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Scroll down to explore openings within each country.

United States

Hanes takes extreme pride to call the United States home. We began here more than a hundred years ago in 1901 and this is where we remain today. Only now we’re the largest marketer of basic apparel in the world and nearly 90 percent of U.S. households have our products in them. We owe our legacy of success to our people. It’s their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial mindset that made us who we are today. We’re counting on their continued passion for progress, success and commitment to social responsibility to pioneer our future. With our campus-style corporate headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and bustling offices, production facilities and retail outlets throughout this great country, we offer professional opportunities across 14 career areas. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Hanes U.S. Cares!

Hanes U.S. Cares! To support families in need, Hanes and its employees have donated more than $36 million to the Forsyth County, N.C. chapter of the United Way since 1999.

Hanes Canada Cares!

Hanes Canada Cares! To afford the recommended bra during radiation treatment for breast cancer, Hanes provided 300 Wonderbra gift certificates to women in Montreal.


To the north, we are a leader in intimate apparel and underwear in this country of wilderness and modernization, reflecting our popularity! Consumers shop for our Wonderbra and Hanes products from Vancouver in the west to the major cities of Toronto and Montreal and across the East Coast provinces. Now you can put your sales savvy and marketing expertise with us in nearly every province and territory in Canada. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


The people are the heart and soul of this fascinating country and traditions run deep here. Our production facilities, distribution centers and commercial operations provide locals with real job opportunities. All of our operations, including those in Mexico, adhere to the highest ethical standards. It’s our goal to ensure our employees are safe and earning market-competitive wages and real benefits. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Hanes Mexico Cares!

Hanes Mexico Cares! Following a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Hanes donated 50,000 pairs of hosiery to make hair booms to absorb and trap crude oil.

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Puerto Rico

We manufacture seamless fabric in our Puerto Rico facility that is used to make our athletic wear and bras. Our Puerto Rican employees are as passionate as we are about production, quality and a safe workplace environment. They also share in our commitment to social responsibility. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

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