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Hanes professionals work here for exciting growth and advancement opportunities across 14 career areas. Being one of our largest consumer markets, Europe is a Hanes hub of product development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales. This region truly exemplifies our dominant combination of global supply chain management and brand power. It also embodies our spirit of innovation and our core values. Scroll down to explore openings within each country.


Our operations team in Linz supports the wholesale distribution of popular brands such as Edoo and Nur Die. Add to that numerous retail locations, and you get an array of opportunities from sales and marketing to customer service and management. The well-established presence and continued growth of HanesBrands in Austria is a testament to this teams’ enthusiasm for delivering high-quality comfort and service. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

EDOO has been in business for over 50 years and now operates nearly 1600 shops across Austria.

Fun Fact:

Some of the best-selling Hanes products in Belgium are from the Tagless collection.


One of our major operational headquarters in the Benelux region is centrally-located in Brussels. This team of forward-thinkers and marketing pioneers are essential to our production, sales and wholesale teams throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Hanes Benelux provides outstanding opportunities to work with popular brands such as DIM, Nur Die, Playtex and more. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Czech Republic

With nearly 95 percent Hanes brand awareness throughout this Eastern European gem, it’s no wonder we offer so many outstanding career opportunities. Whether you find yourself in one of our distribution centers, helping to deliver popular Bellinda and DIM products to Central and Eastern Europe, or one of our many Retail locations, you won’t be disappointed. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

Sportswear is expected to gain a 2% share in the apparel and footwear category for the Czech Republic due to a health and wellness trend.

Fun Fact:

HanesBrands saw an 8% growth in sales, thanks to DBApparel Group of France who helped them increase their international presence by over 40%!


Paris is home to our Europe West headquarters and numerous retail stores. The main campus is state-of-the-art and ideally located only 20 minutes from Champs Elysees. It features a cafeteria, medical and wellness facility and superb leadership development initiatives. Our Hanes France team stays happy and healthy with easy access to beautiful parks and gretas along the Seine. You might even pass by our running team who are powerful advocates and volunteers in their community. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


Germany is ever-evolving, making it the perfect location for our Europe East headquarters. It is one of our largest retail market strongholds with numerous opportunities across a variety of areas, from product development to IT. You’ll have access to exceptional professional development programs, in-place internships and apprentice programs among a close-knit group. A collaborative spirit is nurtured through Team days, company dinners and a world of developmental support. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

Hanes Germany employs over 400 people and offers vocational training and apprenticeship programs.

Fun Fact:

Champion was the first Company to produce the reversible T-Shirt and the first to develop and manufacture a “Breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric.


With Greece’s growing popularity of running for sport, Champion Europe’s brand significance should come as no surprise. Champion is sold in retail stores throughout Greece and is one of our most recognized European brands. Greece is also home to one of our largest wholesale markets. In addition to retail locations, you can find numerous opportunities at our Athens office or at our distribution center. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


The emerald isle hosts two state-of-the-art Hanes locations in Shannon and Dublin. Our distribution center in Shannon offers plentiful long-term employment opportunities in sales, design and merchandising. Meanwhile, in Dublin city, you can join our stellar distribution team who know how to get the job done timely and accurately. And they have great craic while doing it. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

Ireland can also shop for popular HanesBrand products online through our e-commerce site

Fun Fact:

Hanes holds the No. 2 market share in the intimate apparel category in Italy.


HanesBrands operates hundreds of Loveable retail stores and company-owned activewear stores that sell Champion apparel and footwear. This translates into a variety of career opportunities. It also means a future with a focus on your health. Since 2015, Hanes Italy has been investing in the wellbeing of its people through its Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) program. Today, we have an on-site gym, yoga studio, running club and healthy menu, as well as new work/life balance initiatives and smoking cessation support. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


Supporting our Hanes Europe operations, Romania is a key European production location for Hanes. Opportunities abound here in manufacturing, retail, global supply chain and operations. Our team here are experts in producing and distributing quality textiles and providing valuable service to our retail locations. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

Romania is one of Hanes’ top-producing hosiery and underwear manufacturing centers.

Fun Fact:

Between its Prievidza retail location and its online store, over 17,000 people a day shop the Bellinda brand.

Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic location is a gateway to our European production and distribution network. From the capital city of Bratislava to our facilities throughout the country, Hanes Slovakia pulses with excitement. We’re looking forward to the future here and a growing European market share that’s certain to add even more career opportunities throughout our organization. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


We’re very proud of the leadership of our operations team in Spain, but we’re also proud to have Prince Felipe’s recognition of our efforts to eradicate poverty. From Madrid to Barcelona and the world beyond, we will remain committed to helping others because making a true difference is woven into our culture. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

We are Spain’s No. 1 intimate apparel company and a category leader for men’s underwear.

Fun Fact:

Our UK team is supporting the growth of Australian-based Sheridan, which adds luxury linens, towels and babywear to our list of product offerings there.

United Kingdom

With incredibly strong brand advocates across the United Kingdom, this is quickly becoming one of our shining star European locations. As a major retailer and wholesaler of household brands like Playtex and Wonderbra, this region offers numerous opportunities in customer service, sales and marketing. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

More Locations

In addition to the listed locations, we also offer a breadth of opportunities to join Hanes Europe in the following countries: Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as in Jordan (Mideast). Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

Hanes employees in Europe speak more than 250 distinct languages.

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