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Welcome to Hanes Central America & the Caribbean Basin!

Recognized by local and international organizations, we provide every Hanes employee with the support, resources and tools they need to succeed. We’re also proud to be upholding and enforcing the world’s most stringent workplace standards. Here, all of our people receive market-competitive salaries and real benefits. We also provide many of our employees throughout Central America and the Caribbean Basin with free transportation to work, free or subsidized meals and many more perks. Scroll down to explore openings within each country.

Dominican Republic

With four thriving facilities across the DR, HanesBrands is a large employer and contributor to the economy while being a leader in social and environmental stewardship. Our conscientious employees work with us to reduce energy consumption and conserve water. We appreciate all they do for our planet and our organization and we show it by providing market-competitive salaries, benefits and safe workplace environments to all of our Dominican employees. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

“The team here works well together. They share ideas, help one another and get things done.”

“It’s rare to see companies
take social responsibility to such a high level. We hold our contractors and partners to a high level. We also get into our communities not just donating money but being active in them.”

El Salvador

As the country’s largest exporter, Hanes El Salvador embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of our organization. Our employees contribute hundreds of volunteer hours a year to community improvement projects, provide educational opportunities and medical care to local residents and help us protect our planet. Our facilities here specialize in the manufacturing of cotton fabrics and sewing finished garments for our world-famous brands. As the demand for our products continues to grow worldwide, so does our need for great employees. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


This small Central American country is home to nine company-owned and operated factories that produce more than 13 million iconic brand garments annually! For the past six years, our employees here have also helped us earn the official Corporate Social Responsibility seal from the Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FUNDAHRSE). We’re proud to be recognized by a local organization for the work we do in Honduras, both in our factories and in the communities. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

“I appreciate the values of the company and its global business standards about child labor and corporate information. Hanes also builds hospitals in the countries where they work.”

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