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This is an exciting, evolving and dynamic part of the global marketplace. Hanes is proud to have so many brand advocates and employees in the Asia-Pacific region. Our extensive operations across Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam offer employment opportunities as diverse as the region. Our different facilities here provide careers across many functional areas, including corporate, supply chain, retail, manufacturing, sales, merchandising and more. Scroll down to explore openings within each country.


The recent acquisition of Pacific Brands Limited to form Hanes Australasia, a leading apparel company, has opened up a world of opportunities in this thriving market. Across this vast continent, Hanes has leading brands, such as Bonds, and is expanding its global reach. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

“It’s rare to see a company take social responsibility so seriously. Hanes holds its contractors to a high level and it gets into its communities – not just donating money, but being active in them.”

“Hanes is different than many of the companies operating in China. There’s a true concern for its employees’ well being and their growth. Here it feels like everyone matters because at Hanes they do matter.”


Hanes has key supply chain and management offices in the Chinese cities of Dongguan, Hong Kong and Shanghai that provide significant personal growth and professional development opportunities. These offices help Hanes compete in Asian markets and around the world. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


Hanes has a dynamic operation in Indonesia with manufacturing and supply chain opportunities from entry-level through leadership professionals. We’re a big part of the community too, and we’re excited about how our presence here is not only doing good, but also showing the world how good we can be. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

“I got my foot in the door
with an entry-level position. I’ve had eight different jobs
at Hanes, all built on the one before. I’ve learned so much about different areas of the business while working
in Indonesia.”

“There is a lot of team spirit at Hanes in Japan. We really feel like were a close group and excited about working together and introducing new ideas and new products across Asia.”


Hanes Japan plays a pivotal role in global brand development, especially for Hanes and Champion, supporting our commercial operations across Asia. As regional headquarters, our Japan operations employees enjoy careers that are progressive, exciting and span the spectrum, from corporate and marketing to supply chain, R&D and more. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

New Zealand

The peaceful and easygoing country of New Zealand is also bustling with opportunities at Hanes. Recent growth strategies have created incredible career possibilities on this serene island nation for professionals of all levels of education and experience. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

“Hanes is a company that provides you with a lot of stability and a place to build a career.”

“We have a seasoned team. Everyone helps new people
feel welcomed and
understand our culture.”

The Philippines

As one of the world’s most exemplary environmental stewards, it’s no wonder Hanes works in The Philippines. This nation, which comprises more than 7,100 islands, is home to commercial and production operations and, like all of our Hanes operations, we consider caring for the local environment and community to be equally as important as caring for our employees. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.


Hanes has operated its Asia regional supply chain management office in Bangkok for decades and opened its first Asian production facility in Thailand more than 10 years ago. We’re proud to honor Thailand through our continuous efforts to improve local schools and communities. We also improve lives by offering real career opportunities. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

“We share the same value here, taking care of people in the community and at Hanes.”

“Our management team looks to do the right thing and always operates the right way.”


Hanes is rapidly expanding its production operations across northern and central Vietnam. We have made significant investment in Vietnam and have more employees here than in any other country in the world. We have created many new possibilities for you in this fascinating country. Explore openings here to find your perfect fit.

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