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Innovate-to-Elevate is our calling. It’s our business strategy and so much more. It combines brand power, technology platforms, and supply chain leverage to drive margin expansion for long-term growth. Through ideation, planning, product development, employee engagement, advanced analytics and information systems, Innovate-to-Elevate unleashes the power of our people and it engages them from project inception through launch.

We apply superior product innovations across our brands, channels and countries.

“We’re not just innovating the products that consumers want but we’re also innovating how or where they’ll want to purchase them.”

An advanced odor protection technology with the potential to impact the entire apparel industry, Fresh IQ technology ‘mechanically attacks’ bacteria to inhibit odor in men’s underwear and socks. Since its launch in 2016, this innovation has received positive feedback from consumers and retailers. The benefits of Fresh IQ span both innerwear and activewear.

This hydrofunctional polymer is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, helping wearers stay cool when things heat up. X-Temp helps keep wearers cooler and drier by increasing the rate of evaporation when the temperature rises and reducing the rate of evaporation when it’s cooler. The technology is wrapped in a Hanes comfortable cotton blend for comfort and temperature control. X-Temp, initially launched in men’s T-shirts, socks and underwear, has since been introduced into women’s hosiery, tights and leggings.

Smart Sizes

Using a patented construction that molds to the shape of the wearer, the innovative Smart Sizes system allows five shape-to-fit bra sizes to replace 16 traditional cup and band sizes resulting in easier shopping, a custom fit and superior comfort. The flexible fit properties of Smart Sizes enable women to find bras that literally mold to their individual shapes.

“On all fronts, Hanes is finding ways to be more innovative, not just in their products but also in their processes. We have novel technology that we are integrating into our products.”

Innovations for Earth

Living up to our reputation as a prominent environmental steward isn’t always easy; it requires we do more with less – less energy, less water and less carbon emissions. Through the ingenuity of our employees and smart business partnerships, we are doing more with less. We’ve dramatically decreased our energy and water consumption, as well carbon emissions. We’re even getting 30 percent of the energy we need worldwide from renewable resources.

While this is all great news and news we’re proud of, we know we can do more because we will never be finished innovating for the good of Mother Earth. Here’s a few ways we’re caring for our planet today:

Recycled Polyester Fiber

Each year we use recycled polyester fiber generated from the equivalent of more than 50 million plastic bottles.

Domestic Cotton

Nearly all of the cotton we use is grown and harvested in low- and no-irrigation areas of the southeastern United States to minimize water usage and the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Flax Fibers

We are pioneering the use of flax fibers as a partial substitute to cotton because it is natural and renewable. We have created one of the first commercially viable products using flax in a traditionally cotton product (socks).

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