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Our Differences Make
a Difference

As a global company, our employees represent different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, religions, perspectives, skills and geographies. It’s these differences that strengthen us. We’re a Fortune 500 Company operating in more than 40 countries because our wealth of diverse talent and resources continually propel us forward in all aspects of our industry.

Each day we strive to make all people feel welcome here and to provide our workforce with a workplace that encourages collaboration, teamwork and free-flowing communication. Our cross-functional, cross-cultural teams have made us a preferred employer in the communities where we operate across six continents. We’re incredibly proud to be this different.

Global Diversity
& Inclusion

Diversity Training

Hanes proudly employs one of the most diverse and inclusive workforces in the world. The shared ideas and creativity of our employees’ different perspectives have certainly benefited both our organization and consumers. To ensure our people are equally empowered by the differences of others, we instituted a Global Diversity and Inclusion program. Strategies within this program include workforce balancing, workplace practices and marketplace opportunities, as well as diversity training for all new hires.

Embracing & accepting all people, you included.

We celebrate diversity by understanding, embracing and accepting what makes each person unique. This includes personality, lifestyle, work style, political affiliation, gender, gender identity, ideology and all of the other wonderful things that make you who you are. Bring your unique self to us and be treated fairly, honestly and respectfully.

Our commitment to diversity also extends far beyond the workplace. We treat the communities in which we work with the same respect we treat our people. We care for the diverse ecosystems we call home with sound environmental practices and we care for our global neighbors by providing education programs and free heath care.

“One of the greatest things about Hanes is that they are truly color blind. Your work speaks for itself and no other factors come into the hiring process.”

Unwavering Ethical Standards

Hanes takes great pride in holding itself to the highest ethical standards. We’re an accredited member of the Fair Labor Association and we adhere to the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production program. We also work closely with the U.N. International Labour Organization’s Better Work program and we’ve scored high amongst the best companies for social compliance and labor rights with advocacy organizations.

Women @Hanes

From our corporate headquarters and retail outlets to our manufacturing plants and distribution centers, women fill many management and leadership roles and other key positions. We continually strive to advance the careers of women and to address their unique professional needs and interests. For example, our annual HanesBrands Global Women’s Leadership Conference brings women from many industries together for a day of learning and networking, and the Women Mentoring Women program at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, provides networking opportunities and develops mentorship relationships amongst female students and Hanes women.

Standing up for Veterans

Over the years our veteran and Armed Forces team members have been an inspiration to all of us, so we are proud to help them give back to their fellow community. In May of 2016, we launched the Hanes Veterans Network (HVN) to create volunteer opportunities, shared meals and to interact with guest speakers. Our partnership with Veterans Helping Veterans Heal seeks to give home, health and spirit back to homeless veterans and, in 2017, we are looking forward to launching Hanes’ first Veterans Network Professional Development Series.

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