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10 Years as Hanes Brands Inc.

What Makes a
Perfect Fit?

HanesBrands celebrates curiosity and creativity. Diligence and determination rank high with us, too. Our hardworking, dynamic corporate culture focuses on people development, making professional and personal growth possible for every employee. This means your ambitions and dreams matter. You matter. And you will be given the resources and support you need to thrive as an individual and as our teammate.

You’ll Be
Comfortable Here

Welcoming Workplaces

Millions of consumers around the world wear our apparel for fit and comfort. So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that people become our employees for the exact same reasons – fit and comfort. HanesBrands is the perfect balance of Fortune 500 Company strength and community caring, which fits all personalities. Our ethical employment practices and strong core values create comfortable workplaces.

Moving Forward Together

We’re forward-thinkers, constantly looking to the future where we already see exciting possibilities. This makes us optimists! We’re certain an even better tomorrow exists for our organization, employees and global communities.

Through a disciplined Sell More, Spend Less and Generate Cash strategy, including making smart acquisitions, we’re generating growth, expanding our international footprint and creating value for our employees, our shareholders and our communities. With so many new positions and opportunities in new locations around the world, your future is poised to prosper here.

You’ll find us to be an honest, pragmatic and fair employer eager to hear your ideas. With us, you’ll experience an open environment that welcomes your opinions.

“The greatest thing about Hanes is its culture and sense of community. They make an effort to ensure their employees are the best people they can be.”

Collaborating, Delegating
& Congregating

Teamwork is why Hanes has been, and will remain, so successful. Every project, no matter how large or how small, is done by a team. We’ve eliminated isolation and silos to create open environments in which cross-functional teams collaborate, envision and execute. Here, we strive together and thrive together.

Leading By Example

Leadership has many meanings to us. It’s about innovating and meeting consumer needs. It’s about setting the highest standards of workplace quality regardless of location. It’s about being an environmental steward and an exemplary corporate citizen.

Within our employment teams, leadership means inspiring others to perform at their best and encouraging them to grow out of their comfort zones. Leadership is providing employees with the support and tools they need to soar professionally. It’s also about open doors and open minds. It’s listening to employee feedback and rewarding performance. It’s no wonder we’ve been leading our industry, and our workforce, for over 100 years.

Guided By Our
Core Values

Our core values define our workforce and how we act as a global organization. Every time we connect with colleagues and customers from different cultures and nations, our values guide our interactions. Who we are as individuals and as a corporation are embodied in our core values of:

  • Integrity/Ethical Standards

  • Inclusivity/Diversity

  • Quality/Superior Performance

  • Reliability/Commitment

  • Rewards/Recognition

Vision & Mission

HanesBrands holds itself to a high standard, making business decisions that bring pride to its employees. We value inclusion and diversity across the global marketplace. Our company increasingly reflects our global diversity; we embrace this for the many benefits it brings to our employees, our customers and our ultimate quality.


To be a world-class consumer goods company with a distinctive competence in operating a low-cost global supply chain.


To profitably grow our leading brands by intimately understanding our consumers, out-executing our competition and leveraging our sustainable competitive advantage.

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